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Introducing the Digital Led Board – the Future of Classroom Interaction

The amazing interactive display that is the size of a whiteboard and writes like paper has finally been unveiled, allowing teachers to create interactive lessons in seconds. This can be shared and demonstrated by everyone in the classroom without tangling cords. What is a digital LED board?  A digital LED board is a display device Read More

A Brief Introduction To Web Hosting

Most people these days do not even really think about where a website is, or even what a website is. I unlock my phone, open a browser, and go to Google or Facebook, or Instagram. What am I actually doing here when I say I am “visiting” a website? So if I am a visitor, Read More

Common Emoticons with their Effects on Human Behavior

There are many types of emotional icons that directly show our daily activities and our interaction with others. Emoticons are not only representing our daily interactions but it also affects human behavior. Different types of emojis can reflect the way we live and talk to others. Sometime you may feel that emojis rule us. The Read More