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Emojis in your Communication

Why do we Use Emojis in your Communication & Social Media?

Uses of emojis are increasing day by day in your communication with little bit explanation. As social media has developed, the use of these pictorial representations of feelings plays an important role in communication. If you are not still sure whether emojis are perfectly fit for your brand on social media or not, you have Read More

Pre Employment Assessment

How To Undertake A Successful Campus Recruitment In India?

Campus season is here, so we thought to prep you up for the great leap of your career. This is for all the students, placement committee members and placement advisors(professors) of college. You may be having experience in co-ordinating a campus recruitment session in past or you have learned and heard stories about the past Read More

time table maker

Simple Ideas to Stick to Your Study Plan

The main intention after making a study schedule is to reach your learning goal. But the problem is that how long you will stick to your plan. A perfect study plan is also crucial for academic success. You cannot succeed without a proper planning in studying. The Easiest Tips to Stick to Your Study Schedule Read More

Armed Force Life At A Glance

Daily living in the Armed forces varies depending upon Service division, profession option, and site, but there are many experiences service members get in common. Planning for Essential Training, taking care of a family on the base or deploying for the first time are just a few examples. Get a complete photo of armed forces Read More