CBSE Board Results 2016

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Looking for the CBSE Results 2016? Well, being a Class 10 or Class 12 students you must be tensed and excited to see how much you score! Well, for the students who have appeared in the Class 12 exams this year, the CBSE Board Results will be announced in the month of May 2016. According to the news that has turned up, the CBSE Board Results for the class 10 students will also be featured in the month of May just before the announcement of the Class 12 Results. According to the results the CBSE has the largest number of setup in schools across the country and this is the reason why it takes time to publish the results for every students. If you get information regarding Passport Status so, you can check website.

How to get the results? If you have appeared in the exams this year then you must be excited to get the results of your exam. Well, here are the steps that you need to do to find out how much you score.


Step 1:

Just go to the official Central Board of Secondary Education with the help of typing Once you go here, you will not find the official page. Look for the results panel in this webpage and then click it.

Step 2:

Once you have entered the results portal, you now have to enter the details such as name, roll number, birthday and more as required by the official page. You can now log in and view your score and individual markings.

Step 3:

To keep the results with you, you can either visit your school or print out the results from here. The steps are applicable for both the class 10 as well as the class 12 students who are looking for the CBSE Board Results.

The CBSE Board Results are brought up for all the students at the same time. However this is just the grading which is uploaded and if you need to see the proper marks, you can easily visit the school to see how much you have scored. If you get information know your pan so please visit the website.

For all the students who have appeared to the exams this year, we wish you all the best for your CBSE Board Results.


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