8 Funny and Awesome Minions Quotes

Well! You must be a minion lover right? If yes, you are at the right place. I’m in a funny mood today. So thought to bring for you some of the freaking awesome quotes for a laugh! Even if I had many work to do, I have thought to keep them aside for today as I’m in a funny mood today. Minions are loved by all. We share different thoughts and quotes on different social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc.

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Funny and Awesome Minions Quotes:

  1. Don’t Judge me at all! I’m born to be Awesome and not Perfect!
  2. Yes I dance in the car! Yes I know you stare at me! Well I don’t care!
  3. Well! Singing while shower is always a fun until the shampoo gets in your mouth and you turn into a soap opera!
  4. I wish after I die my friends update my status to freak the other people out there!
  5. Did you just fall? Well! No I have just attacked the floor!
  6. Do you know every family has a weird relative? But if you can’t find out who it is, then it’s probably you!
  7. A person who falls asleep quickly just freaks me out! I mean don’t they have any thoughts?
  8. I do think that tossing and turning at bed should be considered as an exercise!

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